Simulicar Racing is the only simulator that provides all the sensations that have a pilot in a race car on the track, G forces, toughness of the pedals and steering wheel with realism, cabin temperature, smoke in the case of lock brakes, wind, smells of the various fluid mechanics and everything, absolutely everything a pilot experience to compete.

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It is a highly developed tool used to train in a very real environment and all negative conditions experienced by drivers: fatigue, heat, smells, etc., changing their reaction to these various contingencies. All in a controlled cabin at a very reasonable cost.

Simulicar Racing is definitely a very high performance simulator compared with simulator technology of Formula 1, placing between the most advanced in the world.

This means get to the forefront of pilot training systems professional with it can minimize accidents on racing circuits and to optimize athletic and mental performance of a pilot.

“The hardness of the mechanical parts are very real, especially the gearbox”.

Walter Hernández
“They begin to take foot temperature as in the real car (incredible)”.

Juan Bautista De Benedictis
"A very similar experience to car racing".

Lionel Ugalde
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